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Minimizing Your Liability

1st September 2020 - 1500 GST/1100 GMT

Recently Closed / Concluded

Importance of Inspection & Maintenance

11th August 2020, 1500 GST/1100 GMT

All You Need To Know Before Procuring Fire Doors

21st July 2020, 1500 GST/1100 GMT

Reducing Liability While Reengineering Projects

30th June 2020, 1500 GST/1100 GMT

ASTM E2307: Fire Testing of Perimeter Fire Barriers

9th June 2020, 1500-1545 GST/1100 GMT

Passive Fire Protection Essentials

19th May 2020, 1500-1545 GST/1100 GMT

Façade Fire Safety Primer

28th April 2020, 1500-1545 GST/1100 GMT

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Quantifying Liability through specifications and contracts

Openings and Fire Stopping – Tools to ensure Fire Safety

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UAE Fire and Life Safety Code

Minimizing Your Liability

Live on 1st September 2020 - 1500 GST/1100 GMT