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Minimizing Your Liability

1st September 2020 - 1500 GST/1100 GMT

Thomas Bell-Wright continues its series of webinars

Developers, Architects, Contractors, Consultants & FM companies are invited to get an insight into compliance tools available to minimize liability when following the UAE FLS Code. The webinar will focus on:

  • Chapter 18 of UAE FLS code: Liabilities of Stakeholders
  • Understanding Compliance tools
  • Referencing compliance correctly in specifications and contracts

Learn from the fastest growing Certification Body for Passive Fire Protection of building materials and the largest Fire Testing Laboratory across MENA and the Indian Subcontinent, with four fire resistance furnaces accredited to test as per American, British, European, ISO, IMO and Indian Standards. Learn from the team behind 2000+ fire resistance tests , fire reaction and fire propagation tests, over 500 certification listings on www.tbwcert.com, and extensive and large scale testing equipment

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UAE Fire and Life Safety Code

Minimizing Your Liability

Live on 1st September 2020 - 1500 GST/1100 GMT