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ASTM E2307: Fire Testing of Perimeter Fire Barriers

9th June 2020, 1500-1545 GST/1100 GMT

Thomas Bell-Wright continues its series of webinars related to passive fire protection

Architects, Contractors, Consultants & Suppliers are invited to get an insight of ASTM E2307 covering:

  • What does the test simulate?
  • How the test is conducted
  • What the test result can (and cannot) be used for

Learn from the largest Fire Testing Laboratory across MENA and Indian Subcontinent with four Fire Resistance Furnaces , slew of Reaction to Fire testing equipments and the only lab to have American and British Fire Propagation testing for Cladding. Our accreditations span across American, British European, ISO and Indian Standards and we have over 500 listings on the certification directory www.tbwcert.com.

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Fire Testing of Perimeter Fire Barriers

Live on 9th June 2020, 1500-1545 GST/1100 GMT