Fire is a very real danger in buildings, and the ability to contain it is a necessity for the protection of life and property. The importance of fire testing is so that authorities can verify that assemblies used in building or industrial locations where fire has to be contained or excluded, meet the specified fire separation time criteria defined by building codes. This allows people to vacate the building, allows time for fire fighters to reach the scene, and minimizes losses, when a fire occurs.

Testing can also be evaluated as an asset, putting a manufacturer ahead of its competitors if the products have been tested prior to the start of the project. Having an already tested or certified range of fire products will give Architects, Contractors and Consultants, comfort and trust but will also avoid any potential complications. Testing must be linked with Research and Development in order to enhance products and fire systems performances.

“We all know that there have been many major fires over the last few years and hopefully the presence of this testing furnace will now make it easier for builders to comply with the regulations and help make our buildings safer to live and work in.” Tom Bell-Wright

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