Other Fire Testing Services

TBWIC is not only focusing on Resistance-to-Fire Testing but its aim to promote and provide higher levels of fire safety.

In this matter, TBWIC can assist the client in liaising with other branches of the fire safety world. TBWIC has developed strong relationships with certification bodies and fire protection engineering companies to enable clients to get a global answer to fire safety issues.

We also offer site inspection for products that have been tested by us or other professional laboratories. Site inspection is necessary to ensure that the fire rated products have been installed as stated in the fire test reports. Installation of a product is crucial in the success of a test and therefore product must be installed in the same way on site in order to ensure maximum safety. Components and dimensions of the installed products are also checked. Products installed on site must be strictly identical to the products tested or eventually validated by technical assessment.

TBWIC has also recently decided to invest in Reaction-to-Fire Testing. We shall be up and running within several months and we will be proud to offer testing for surface burning characteristics of building materials as per ASTM E84 to start with. The purpose of this test method is to determine the relative burning behavior of a material by observing the flame spread along the specimen. Flame spread and smoke developed are reported.

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