The Facade Consulting Team is headed by Sandy Dweik (Vice President & Chief Facade Consultant) together with experienced and hardworking Engineers who made TBWIC known for its integrity and professionalism.

Sandy Dweik (Vice President & Chief Consultant) – A Member of the Society & Facade Engineers, Sandy manages the Consulting Team and allocates TBWIC resources according to project requirements. She also supervises the training and development of TBWIC team members. Liaising with Consultants on new projects, she has prepared with the assistance of the design team full Pre-Tender Packages and reports. She has performed Professional Quality Assurance services for curtain walling comprising specifications writing, shop drawings review, technical consulting and site inspections on many projects.

Mutaz Saheb (Senior Facade Consultant) – He is in charge of handling projects during the shop drawings approval phase and he leads the inspection team during construction. He performed detailed inspection for glass distortion, colour variation and breakage at site. The same applies to investigation of facade and cladding system failures.