With today’s modern designs advanced solutions are required for Facades as well. Expectations for quality and performance are exceeded on many projects to meet sustainability and durability requirements.

While the specification includes a ten year warranty, the owner expects the Facade to last for the expected life time of the building, which is around 25 years. Facades used to be designed to keep the people in and keep the weather out; nowadays they also have to give a visual and a technical statement.

Each project is unique in its own way, in most cases no two facades are alike, the same applies to solutions and systems. With our vast experience in the Curtain Wall and Cladding field we have been exposed to many systems and solutions which we carry with us to each new project we get involved in.

Our team at Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants can assist you with innovative designs, preparation of a Tender Package, and proposal and solutions to meet your aesthetic requirements. At post tender stage we offer assistance in verification of systems and submittals, technical consulting, and thorough inspections and monitoring of the Contractor’s Quality Control systems.