Inspections start at early stages of the project. Evaluation of Contractors inside or outside the UAE has become a necessity for many projects. The Contractor’s technical capabilities and capacity can have a major effect on award.

Inspections are recommended to start at the fabricator’s premises. Many components could not be inspected after units are assembled and transported to site. Inspection of the tested elements before start of fabrication is also very important. In brief, the inspection process is a very complicated process which should be discussed with the project team to decide how to go ahead and serve the project best.

Approval of quality control plans for fabrication and installation should be done at early stages. Close attention should be paid for compliance to specification and international standards.

Site inspections start with the installation of inserts and brackets on the building. Each stage requires its own quality control procedures.

Our highly qualified team of Inspectors and Engineers are there to insure the Contractor is following proper quality control procedures. Compliance to approved shop drawings, international standards and project specification is closely monitored to ensure good quality to the building Owner.

We are now accreditted with IAS (International Accreditation Service) providing the special inspections that are required for specific construction projects under Chapter 17 of the International Building Code (IBC) and AC291, the IAS Special Inspection Agency Accreditation Program which is primarily based on the requirements of the IBC and the applicable portions of ISO/IEC 17020(General Requirements for the Operation of Various Bodies Performing Inspection).