For Curtain Wall testing to be carried out, Agreement for Testing needs to be prepared and this is usually done by the Technical Manager or Project Specialist. This should include reference to the specification for the testing, list of tests to be performed, payment requirements, facilities, safety, scheduling, Privacy & Confidentiality, and all other necessary information. After which, a contract or client request is reviewed and evaluated to ensure that each requirements are adequately defined before proceeding further.

When a proposal offered by TBWIC is accepted by the client, they will then have to send a confirmation of approval. The contract will be valid when we recieve the Purchase Order or notice to proceed from the client. Mock-up shop drawings and test parameter are being evaluated. After which, the Method Statement is being prepared and submitted to the client for approval. When approved, the design and erection of test structure including enclosure are observed. Consequently, the client can begin to install their mock-up specimen. After installation, the chamber, test material and testing equipment are verified; this will then be followed by the actual testing. Lastly, a Final Report is submitted to the client.