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About Certification

Certification is required to ensure the quality of products by monitoring the process of manufacturing, testing samples and implementing a quality system on the areas such as:

  • Quality audit
  • Sampling of products to be tested
  • Verification of production
  • Products approval
  • Quality marks
  • Labeling of products

The certification body will verify that the product tested is the same products which finds its way to the site. They are typically involved with the selection of the sample to be tested and for periodic audits to confirm that on-going production conforms to the unit tested.

Several certification bodies are present (physically or not) in the region.

TBWIC has voluntary decided not to provide certifications and is joining efforts with BRE, BM Trada, Chiltern, Exova-Warringtonfire, IFC, Intertek, and UL to provide client the best testing/certification package. Those certifications bodies are TBWIC’s business partners and are accepting our fire test reports which will be use to issue the final certification.


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