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Who we are

We are a Dubai-based, multi-accredited and privately held engineering firm providing independent Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) services primarily for the building construction sector. Mainly focused on large commercial buildings we provide a range of TIC services for building architectural elements, as well as for fire separation and material safety. The year 2019 marks our 24th year in business in Dubai.

Recently relocated to larger premises in Jebel Ali Industrial Area 1, we hold accreditations to ISO 17025 (Testing Lab), ISO 17020 (Inspections), ISO 17065 (Certification Body) and AC291 (Special Inspections Agency) variously provided by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service, IAS (International Accreditation Service from the USA) and GAC (Gulf Accreditation Centre). Our scope under each standard and Accreditation Body is available on their respective websites and these links:

UKAS / ISO 17025
UKAS / ISO 17065
IAS / ISO 17025
IAS / ISO 17020
IAS / AC291
GAC / ISO 17025

Between our different departments, Façade Consulting, Curtain Wall Testing, Fire Compliance, Special Inspections, Administration, and Management, we are a close team of over 100 people.

Curtain Walls have to keep the weather out and the people in. We provide design review (“Façade Consulting”) and full-scale testing to make sure that these systems do this reliably for the life of the building. Premature failure is likely to dramatically reduce building life because replacement or repair is a massive undertaking requiring a vacant building, extensive exterior access and replacement of all interior finishes in perimeter rooms. For this reason prudent developers insist on having an independent Façade Consultant on board and ‘Mock-Up’ Testing for all their tall buildings.

Please see the following pages for a closer look at what we do…

Curtain Wall Laboratory Testing

Facade Consulting

Resistance to Fire Testing

Reaction to Fire Testing


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